Integrated Producer
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Uber - Moving Forward

Moving Forward, Uber’s first integrated campaign, brought the company’s new CEO and new features front and center on broadcast, OOH and social. I oversaw post-production and trafficking for the broadcast spots and produced all of the campaign efforts across social channels.


Product Features - First Person Features

Uber wanted to make social first videos to bring awareness to new product features to viewers on social channels. Our hero channel was Instagram Stories so we decided to make a series of videos that show first person views of people using familiar apps and then switching over to the Uber app.

Moving Forward - Corporate Change

With Moving Forward, Uber wanted to put the people who are making big changes for the company inside and out front and center. I worked with a small team to set up interviews and photo shoots in small blocks of time with leaders of teams and internal organizations. We then took our assets and made social first, engaging content.